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Abdos Labware

  • Centrifuge Ware
  • Liquid Handling Consumables: Pipettes, Pasteur Pipettes, Serological Pipettes, Pipette Pump, Pipette tips, Sample Containers, Radioimmunoassay Vials and Caps
  • Cryo Ware
  • PCR Family
  • General Laboratory products: Beakers, Measuring Cylinders, Stirrer Bars
  • Multipurpose Racks and Boxes: wide range of various racks, e.g. multicombination racks 4 pieces 13,50 Euro, Freezer colour change rack 48 Euro
  • Microscopy Family
  • Organizers: Parafilm M Dispenser, Pipet Rack Stand, Storage boxes
  • Equipment: Shakers, Mixes, Rotators, Magnetic Stirrer with heating
  • Utilities: Safety equipments, Gloves, Wipers, Tough Tags and Spots, Seals, markers, Labeling Tapes, Tape for Steam Autoclave
  • Petri Dishes